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We will hold offerings throughout the year with child care being provided. Some of the available group classes will be on the following subjects: marriage, finances, parenting, leadership, faith, prayer, etc. The Education Department at TCAC looks forward to helping you grow more like Jesus through these seminars and pray they will be a blessing to you and the community.




Current Offerings:

daniel200Beth Moore's Daniel: Lives of Integrity/Words of Prophecy (12 weeks)

A faith-building study of prophecy and learn how to live with integrity in today's self-absorbed society. The prophet Daniel faced unbelievable pressures to compromise his faith, to live in a hostile culture, and to confront temptations and threats.   Today, believers in Jesus Christ face many of the same trials.  This study falls in two parts. The first portion, from Daniel chapters 1-6, deals with Daniel's life as he faced the kind of pressures and temptations Christians encounter today. Daniel models how to develop enduring integrity in an enticing world. The second portion, chapters 7-12, explores thrilling prophecies from the time of Daniel through the second coming of Jesus Christ.  Located in room 228 with Debbie Westfort.


jw200Jesus Walk's Beginning the Journey: Discipleship and Spiritual Formation (12 weeks)

The Jesus Walk Bible Study Series is designed to engage new believers as well as serious followers in interactive Bible study in a way which changes their lives. Dr. Wilson helps you study the passage carefully,  understanding the meanings of the significant Hebrew or Greek words. Then helps you draw out the implications of the passage with questions designed to induce you to apply the lessons to your life. Located in room 229 with Nita Stewart.





Difficult People: The Series (4-6 weeks)

A simple guide to dealing with the needy, manipulative, hypocritical, and overly critical people that drive you crazy every day. Located in the sanctuary with Paul Casola.





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