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TCAC is heavily involved in local, national and foreign missions. MISSION POSSIBLE is a group of believers who are seeking out God’s direction in ministering to HIS children.  This is accomplished through many different avenues and events. Mission  events are scheduled throughout the year at several locations:   starting at home in helping the needy make small repairs to their home and cars, area events such as helping the shelters minister to the homeless as well as statewide events that help minister to those who do not know Christ including traveling out of the country ministering to those in Central and South  America. Each trip consists of regular church attendees who feel the call of God on their lives to help those in different cultures. The teams are formed, funds are raised and the ministry happens! There are several ways to get involved: sign up for a team, ( events are being formed as you read this), become a prayer partner, or you can also become a financial supporter of missions. Giving to the missions department on a regular basis makes it possible for us to meet long term needs in the areas God has called us, from helping those at home to digging fresh water wells in remote areas to routinely supporting pastors, teachers, and national churches in and out of country. No one is asked to sign up for life, but once you have been on one of these trips you are hooked for life!  If you are a believer, you are already part of the MISSION POSSIBLE team who seek to be the hands of Jesus.  Please come support your calling.


Current Trip:


May 2 - 9 we will travel to Vera Cruz Mexico to minister to 3 different churches in and around the village of Tancoco.  The mission is three fold...(1)  We will build a roof for the existing structure so the local church can begin meeting indoors  (2)  We will provide a vehicle to a church whose pastor walks far with his family to church several  times a week.  This car will allow him visit many other people in surrounding ranches.   (3)  Provide a car to the Pastor at Tancoco as his was totaled in an accident while returning from a service he preached in a near ranch. He is in need of a car to minister to the members.  We will have a Mexican Lunch on Sunday March 22 to raise funds for this mission.  Please join us in support of your team. 


Past Events:

Guatemala Trip 2013 -- Assisted medical team in going to mountain villages to administer medical help for vision, health to the body and vitamins for those pregnant.  We also ministered the Gospel of Jesus Christ on a 1 to 1 basis as well as to large groups.  Hundreds of lives accepted Jesus Christ for the first time and experienced God's true healing of the body, Soul and Spirit.                                       


We joined with a local church in repairing a complete roof, adding rooms to the home for the children and providing outside insulation and covering of the home.


Assisted Elderly and needy in repairing various things from shower valves and fixing pipe leaks to building ramps for easy access into their homes, wrapping windows and adding insulation for homes before the winter.                                      


God has called us to do these tasks, MISSION POSSIBLE will follow our Lord's calling.  We need you to pray to our Lord and ask if you should PRAY, GIVE, STAND WITH US or TRAVEL WITH US.  

"TCAC... If you choose to complete this mission... support MISSION POSSIBLE."


To  learn more about the missions you support, click on the ministry you are interested in knowing more about to be directed to their website.

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