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October 18 & 19 or October 25 & 26

The past is PAST. The future is AHEAD and awaits those who understand where “The Future” is

and how to get there. Are you rolling the dice or are you BUSINESS READY?

Two, 2-evening sessions from 6:30 – 9:00 pm on October 18 & 19, 2011 OR October 25 & 26, 2011

can help get you started on your journey!


This two evening program will be held at The Church of Covington, 11975 Hwy 142 N. in Oxford, GA.


This is an open session for anyone over 18 with at least a high school diploma. This program is normally offered at $159.00. The shortened sessions and affiliation with The Church at Covington have allowed a discounted fee of $50.00 for the two evening session.


Both two night sessions are the same to accommodate busy schedules. Choose only one, two-night session. Payment is due by cash, check, or credit card payable to The Church at Covington.  We accept Discover, MC, and VISA.  A $3 processing fee will be added for credit card payments. You may pay cash at the door each of the first two-session nights. No payment, no entry. No refunds.  Seating is limited. Coffee and soft drinks provided.  Register by using the form on Contact Us Tab at www.competing4thefuture.com.


This is NOT an employment offering or guarantees employment as a result of attending.


Those interested in a follow up six week course for "Competing for the Future with Success", may get details after the two evening session.


Who should attend:

  • Those seeking to improve their understanding of how the new global business environment effects local/regional employment and new reality opportunities.
  • Those seeking to understand how using virtual teaming tools and a commitment attitude can improve your employment opportunities.
  • Business leaders or department heads seeking to better understand the new workplace environment and talent management issues.
  • Those seeking to understand what/how to reinvent their employment outlook to fit the needs of the economy and reality of continuing shifts in workforce demographics.
  • Those wanting to find a means to prepare for better work opportunities.


How will you benefit:

  • Gain a clearer understanding of the historical aspects that brought about the workforce shifts, economic shifts and the new complexities of competing in the future.
  • Understand the set of new competencies to navigate the challenges of reaching full potential in the future workforce environment.
  • What a change to a promised-based commitment attitude can mean to future employment opportunities in a high performance multi-generational, virtual teaming work environment.
  • What business sectors and areas of the USA are the prime future career opportunities.

Led by Mike Hammer

Freelance Writer – Talent & Technology Consultant - Speaker

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