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Who We Are

people_group"Red, yellow, black and white, they are precious in His sight....." is a representation of what you will see on any given Sunday here at TCAC.  Some will be in suits and some will be in shorts.....regardless of where you are in your journey, you are welcome here.  TCAC is comprised of people who have served the Lord all of their life, some who have just started their journey and also those that are trying to find their way.  When Jesus said, "Let WHOSOEVER will, let him come..." TCAC takes this to heart.  No matter if you are a seasoned saint, a wounded or wayward believer or a new convert still searching - rest assured, you can find your place @ TCAC.

WHY WE EXIST-our purpose
To bring people to a relationship with God through Jesus Christ.

WHAT WE SEE-our vision
The Church at Covington is a place where anyone can come and feel loved and accepted. In that atmosphere, they are free to start and develop a personal relationship with God through Jesus Christ. Through our services, individuals receive encouragement and direction for living, teaching about life’s relationships, and when they apply those things to their lives they will be successful and blessed. That success will cause them to be a light to those they meet by chance in everyday life and when they give the glory to God, others will follow their example. As this process is  repeated, we will change our world one person at a time.


The Church At Covington desires  to be a Spirit-filled, believing community of faith in message, method, and ministry.


The message evolves your life. The gospel of Jesus Christ is a gospel of change. It changes who you are, why you are, and how you are. This message will evolve any person into a fully devoted follower of Christ.


Our methods as a Christian community of faith will revolve around the methods of the Acts 2 church. Our  practices and principles will revolve around their practices and principles. We will do what they did. We will give, live, and love in the same manner as the first Christian church.


Involve yourself in a local ministry of The Church At Covington. Our vision takes life when people involve themselves in its functions, formulas, and formats. After the evolution, past the revolution, involvement is the key to the vision.


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